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Know the Boosters:

Boosters are produced by candy crush to produce our lives easier. Each booster serves a different function and not totally all boosters can be used in every levels.The players can get few free boosters at the beginning of the overall game and in addition through the prize wheel. Candy crush even offers a store where players can purchase boosters for actual money. Once you understand the overall game boosters and whatever they do is vital in order that players don`t waste them. I recommend to not make use of the boosters unless you are certain you'll not pass the level without them.

Know the blockers:

Maybe you have been in this case?

Yay a new candy crush degree... Oh wait, what's this new thing?

In contrary to your boosters, blockers are just what make our candy crush game harder. Different kinds of blockers are introduced on different amounts. Players must know exactly about these blockers and how to get rid of them to help you to pass an even. Sometimes blockers may play for your favor and abusing them may induce loss that is instant.

The overall game is extremely addictive and quite often you shall get stuck on amounts for days. Just don`t quit easily and try to think before any move is made by you.

To many, it is difficult to fathom just how such a matching that is simple like Candy Crush ( initially launched in March 2011 ) can remain popular and addicting after more than 3 years and counting. The matching puzzle game was made popular by Bejeweled which later saw a number of other variants of matching puzzle games such as Tetris, Brizzle Pandora, Lazy Birds, 10 million, Radballs, Polymer, Puzzle Quest, Luxor and etc.
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3 Marmalade
A fast cross-platform development tool to use whether it is a 2D or a 3D game - Marmalade is a remarkable high-performance. It supports C++ language. Nonetheless, the fast form of Marmalade supports Lua language while the Marmalade internet variation supports CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript to build hybrid apps.

This prize winning device is greatly popular amonst the global game designers as it helps you to develop games for both desktop and mobile. Another popular device is Marmalade Juice that supports effortless porting of any iOS game to the Android ecosystem.

4 Cocos2D
Game developers use this open-source framework to build games 100% free. Cocos2D works smoothly with both Objective-C and Swift. You can certainly do the scene management utilizing the CCTransition class and CCDirector class. Apart from these, for animation, you would have CCAnimation class, for actions such as for example turn, move, scale etc.

Also you to get an Android environment where you can build games if you code in Objective-C language, the Android plug-in Spritebuilder would help.

Well, apart from all the game that is above-mentioned tools, SpriteKit, CryEngine, Haxe, NextPeer, Titanium etc. are some other popular tools that are trending in the market.